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Group classes are mainly designed for absolute beginners. However, if you have some experience playing guitar, maybe you know a few chords but don't know how to read standard notation (notes), join one of the beginning classes. If you have some experience playing guitar and you already know how to read standard notation, you're welcome to join one of the continuing groups. Give us a call for an evaluation. Chances are we have a home for you!


Once the student completes a beginner's class, LearnGuitare offers continuing group classes that run throughout the year.
All continuing group classes are built based on the student's level of ability. There are numerous groups at various levels we have available. If you have some experience reading standard notation and know a few chords, you're welcome to join an existing group based on your level of ability. Give us a call for an evaluation.

Lessons continue with further learning of the basics and supplemental pop songs based on level of ability are introduced for additional performance.
These books are carefully chosen and arranged full-length pop songs, and hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.
The first book is called 'Easy Pop Melodies' which contains single-note melodies so that the student can play full-length pop songs based on what they have learned in the previous sessions. Once we complete the first 2 to 3 songs, we go back to the method book and learn new things and supplement that with additional tunes from the 'Easy Pop Melodies' book. Students enjoy playing these full songs to show off their new skills.
After a few weeks' time, we introduce 'Easy Pop Rhythms'. This book is built the same way as 'Easy Pop Melodies', but incorporates chords and strum patterns. By this time, the students have learned at least 4-6 chords and we will further their skills with rhythm and single-note melodies.
All in all, these books are a great supplement to our continuing students and they will be eager to try out new songs based on the skills they have learned.
Some students catch on faster than others and require more challenging material to learn, so students are welcome to change groups based on their level of progress. Some students prefer a slower pace and maybe need a little more time to go through the material. We accommodate that as well by offering the student review with other groups. Either way, let us know and we'll find a class that best serves your needs.

GROUP  & CONTINUING GROUP GUITAR LESSONS TUITION FEE                                                                                                   

One 45-minute lesson per week, $30.00 per lesson, payable monthly in advance depending on the number of lesson days per session.