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At LearnGuitare, group and private lessons are offered for beginners as well as guitarists at intermediate and advanced levels.

Sometimes people ask, “Should I take private lessons or group lessons?”
It's a debate, and what works for some, doesn't work for others...
Let’s talk about the differences between group and private lessons, shall we?


Private lessons provide individual attention and can focus on individual student interests. While more expensive, ($35.00 per 30 minutes) the student can benefit from the instructor’s undivided attention.
Private lessons are ideal for intermediate or advanced guitarists. Private lessons are offered for absolute beginners too, although group classes can be fun and informative as well. Once a student has progressed beyond a certain point with group lessons, private lessons are very helpful and beneficial to a student’s progress.


Learning a musical instrument can be an intimidating thing for the beginning guitarist. A group classroom setting in a relaxed environment can greatly improve the learning process for beginning students. While more economical, ($30 per 45 minutes) we have a lot of fun in the group classes which relieves the potential stress of the student from feeling like “they have to perform perfectly” by providing the opportunity to play as part of a group. We also combat the typical issues of classroom instruction by lengthening the class to 45 minutes a week so that the instructor can roam the class and focus on each student’s specific needs. Each lesson is planned to build upon the one before and progress is easily tracked. The students get the opportunity to play with others and make friendships, which helps keep them motivated and encouraged.
The Guitar is an instrument that is meant to accompany other instruments or vocals. Usually, people would like to eventually sing along with their playing or jam with others rather than on a stage or around a campfire. A group setting is great for getting them used to playing as a group.
In our continuing group classes, each student in each group is basically around the same level of expertise. Some students catch on faster than others and require more challenging material to learn, so students are welcome to change groups based on their level of progress. Some students prefer a slower pace and maybe need a little more time to go through the material. We accommodate that as well by offering the student review with other groups.
At LearnGuitare, there is no such thing as failure!


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